March 2015
Articulate Project Space, Sydney
Display Case  
A Community Project

Articulate Project Space has a spatial focus and CAF’s focus is on an ‘archive’ of Australian women’s artwork, so for Taking Up Space their was an open call-out asking for contemporary artists to respond spatially to an artwork from the Women’s Art Movement in Australia or from elsewhere in the oeuvre of women’s artwork in Australia. 

Connections was inspired by the concept of giving visual expression to women’s hidden history and the process of community participation developed by Viv Bins for the community art project- ‘Mothers’ Memories Others’ Memories (1979-80).’  This project produced an installation where ‘the lives of women were recalled and their means of artistic expression in the domestic sphere examined.’ Sight Lines Women’s Art and Feminist Perspectives in Australia. Sandy Kirby p50 Craftsman House 1992

For Connections-a community project – Women, whose life experiences connect to the lives of Lebanese migrant women in Australia 1900-1950 were invited to contribute their memorabilia to form an installation commemorating the significant roles of Lebanese women in Australian society.

Women’s work and influence is often invisible and this is more so for the early Lebanese migrant women who as undesirable immigrants were a hidden presence in Australian society. Yet the strength of their contribution is evident in their enduring influence in the lives of their descendants.

Participants in Connections include-Nicole Barakat, Freda Backes, Cecile Yazbek,

Dr Anne Monsour, Antonia Simpson, Vivienne Dadour, The Australian Historical Society

Connections installation